Ted Talks on Subconscious Mind

The 5 Best Ted Talks on The Subconscious Mind

I’m sure you’ve heard of the subconscious mind, and if you haven't, just ask the horse. It’s the space in your mind that some people think causes you to dream about missing that big exam,...


How do you get into the flow state?

Many of us wonder how to get “out of our heads” and into a place where our senses, mind and body are connected and operating at the highest state of performance.  Maybe it’s because...

Think & Become

Think and Become

Everything begins in the mind. You are exactly who you are today because of what you believe about yourself and what you have manifest through those beliefs. Who you are, in form, isn’t to be confused with your true self. In this article we will discuss what is needed to create a change within yourself as well as every facet of your life.

Fear, Ego and You

Fear, Ego and You

Who are you? Are you a summation of your past experiences, some of those being traumatic and some of them being beautiful and loving? Maybe you’ve had nothing but a long string of broken relationships, all of which seem to take on a similar form with similar struggles and ending in strikingly similar fashions. Are you simply a now image of your future desires? If you’re hopeful, does that make you a positive person? Find out here.

Ask the Horse

An Analogy for How the Subconscious Mind Works: Ask the Horse

A Zen Master was walking down a road one morning and only a short distance ahead was a horse galloping towards him at full speed. Upon the horse was a rider whose gaze was intent and looking ahead in the direction his horse was sprinting. What happens next, I’m sure we can all relate to.

Improve Your Brain Health 5 Key Areas of Focus

3 Steps to Program the Subconscious Mind

To begin, a few questions: What does it take to create a new subconscious mind? Why would you want to reprogram your subconscious mind? What is the subconscious mind? For a more in depth look on what the subconscious mind is see the article Ask The Horse. This article focuses on the reprogramming of the subconscious mind and the 3 steps needed to make that change.