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Last updated on November 2nd, 2021.

Meditation has become one of the simplest and yet most effective ways to relieve stress, anxiety, and improve their overall quality of life.  It may be that you’re already a meditation practitioner, or, this could be your first time looking into the practice.  Either way, these courses are great in both introducing the basics of meditation to improving your overall practice.

The courses outlined in this article are the best online beginners meditation courses available.  Each of them have been hand selected to bring you quality options to select from.  As for the benefits of meditation, you may have heard plenty of stories about how people used meditation to improve concentration, focus, as well as greatly reduce their depression or anxiety.  The courses outlined below are your springboard into the benefits.  

Overall, meditation is an incredible practice that has stood the test of time, as its teachings have passed down from generation to generation. And while most people say that they don’t have much time for a wellness exercise like meditation, the truth is that meditation does not take much time at all. 

So if you are looking to start your adventure into the world of meditation, you’re in luck.  Again, below, we listed ten of the best meditation courses online for beginners that you can do anywhere, anytime.  We’ll start by highlighting some beginner meditation courses and end with the more advanced.  The full list is just below with descriptions to provide you a better understand of each course further in.

These are the 5 Best Beginners Meditation Courses Online:

  1. Meditation Certification – My Vinyasa
  2. Meditation for Relaxation – Sura Flow
  3. 50 Hour Online Meditation Training – Santosha Yoga Institute
  4. Online Meditation Training – Loka Yoga School 
  5. Bringing Daily Meditation to Life – Yoga International

Ok, let’s jump into learning more about each one

The 5 Best Meditation Courses Online

First, we will start with the beginner courses that introduce people to meditation and everything surrounding it. These courses often surround simple breathing techniques, yoga poses, and equipment – if you will need any. So without further ado, let’s get into the first online course.

1. Meditation Certification - My Vinyasa

My Vinyasa is a place where you can grow and evolve. This online meditation course differentiates itself by offering not only meditation knowledge, but also by providing the complete understanding of the context and meaning behind meditation. Such as the yogic science, mindfulness, physiology and philosophy that makes up meditation. 

In My Vinyasa’s ‘Online Meditation Training’, you can experience a comprehensive course with the unique opportunity to study at your own pace and also have lifetime access to the course! 

This course is made up of 6 sections:

  • Meditation Certification | Level 1
  • Mindfulness Meditations
  • Vipassana
  • Guided Meditation
  • Dharma Talks
  • Incorporating Complementary Modalities
  • Ethics
  • Business

With this course, you get access to an amazing meditation community support group and a meditation teacher training guide. 

My Vinyasa - Foundations In Meditation Certification
Best Meditation Courses Online - Meditation Certification - My Vinyasa

2. Meditation for Relaxation

In Sura’s course on Meditation for Relaxation you’ll learn how to  experience the benefits of stress relief. Find calm, focus and clarity in less than 5 minutes a day!

This course includes:

  • Instructional videos for beginners
  • 3 daily journal prompts
  • 21 Daily guided meditations

Sura has put together a series of Meditation tools to get you started on your practice.  The course also includes 15 Relaxation techniques that will be taught throughout the course.  In total, there are over 4 hours of guided meditation videos you keep for life.

Topics Covered

You’ll cover everything from engaging with your breath, focusing your mind all the way to relaxing your emotions.  Sura teaches you how to “return to nature’s way” by observing your mind and affirming your inherent wholeness.

  • Time for the course: 21 days
  • Sections: 22
  • Course Access: Unlimited 
  • Upon completion: A jumpstart into meditation practice for life!
  • Instructor: Sura
  • Course contents: videos, audio, and documents
  • Web browser-based: Yes
  • Price: $197 (subject to change) 
21 Day Online Online Meditation Course - Sura Flow
Online Meditation Course for Beginners

3. 50 Hour Online Meditation Training - Santosha Yoga Institute

Santosha Yoga’s Online Meditation Teacher Training course is a profoundly enriching way to learn to teach Meditation… Online! In this 50-hour Meditation Teacher Training course, you will be able to practice, share, and teach meditation for classes, workshops and retreats. On completion of this course you will be qualified to teach mediation to clients, students and in yoga studios since it’s a Registered Yoga Alliance Course! The good news is that you can complete your Meditation Training from the comfort of your own home and at your own pace but fully supported by your teachers! 
     In this course, you will learn about the philosophy and principles behind meditation, you’ll learn to guide your students through meditation practices, you’ll deepen your own meditation practice, and you’ll experience and share the benefits of a variety of meditation practices. Deepening your practice and skills in guiding Meditation has the potential to be a rewarding and fulfilling path for any Yoga Teacher. Sharing the practice of meditation is a joy and a privilege adding greatly to your Yoga Teaching toolkit.
Online Meditation Coures - Santosha

4. Online Meditation Training: Loka Yoga School

Loka Yoga School is a place where science meets spirituality. Here you can discover and evolve. In Loka Yoga, you have a unique opportunity to study and practice in a setting that differentiates itself by offering not only yogic practices but also by providing the correct understanding, history, traditions, context and meaning of yogic science, meditation, history, physiology and philosophy. Their team is made up of practitioners completely committed to their fields of expertise.
          In Loka Yoga’s ‘Online Meditation Training’, you can experience a comprehensive 10 hour training with expert teachers and self-paced video lectures and presentations. This course has a collection of guided meditations and a ‘Meditation Buffet’ of over 25 different techniques so you can discover what is right for you!
With this course, get access to an amazing meditation community support group and a meditation teacher training guide. Loka Yoga School is also happy to say that this Online Meditation Course is internationally certified with Yoga Alliance!

5. Bringing Daily Meditation to Life - Yoga International

Meditating can be a little difficult, especially when you are new to it. Questions like, “How do I fold my legs?” how to breathe?” how do I sit, so my foot doesn’t fall asleep?” go through the mind of someone who still has a long way to go with their meditation training. But lucky for you, this course is here to remind you of all of the little things that you may have forgotten from yoga class. 

This 6+ hour course for beginner meditators is an incredible way to remind yourself of everything that you learned from class. Since the quarantine has everyone staying at home, this course can help you revise everything that you learned in yoga class, along with some new tips. 

Meet the Instructor

Meet Rolf Sovik. Working as a clinical psychologist privately, Rolf Sovik is also the spiritual director and president of the Himalayan Institute. Beginning his practice back in 1972, he was able to study Yoga in countries like Nepal, India, and the United States. And by 1987, he became a panditin the Himalayan tradition. 

His accolades outside of the realm of Yoga include several degrees in the field of eastern studies, music, clinical psychology, and philosophy. He is also an author who wrote Moving Inward, and co-wrote Yoga: Mastering the Basics. 

Four Sections to Help You Learn

The entire course is divided into four sections, each of which helps you with different aspects of meditation. All present in a compilation of audio, video, and various reading material to help you get better. The first section acts as the introduction to the overall course, as it tells you all about the amazing world of meditation. It will also go over various meditation essentials and how to motivate yourself to meditate more often. The second section focuses more on relaxing the muscles, breathing, and methods of de-stressing. 

Section 3 goes on and focuses more on mantras and how it supports the mind and process of meditation. Section 4 is the most interesting one, as it helps in gaining an inner perspective. Divided into three parts, this section teaches you how to know more about yourself and bringing peace to your inner self. 


  • Time for the course: 6+ hours
  • Sections: 4
  • Course Access: unlimited 
  • Upon completion: Certificate
  • Instructor: Rolf Sovik
  • Course contents: videos, audio, and documents
  • Web browser-based: yes
  • Price:$149 (subject to change)

Is There a Certification for Meditation

Yes, there is. Despite being a very passive and not necessarily a very controlled practice, many meditation courses and schools offers certification for both students and instructors. However, it is important to note that there is no particular or official board that certifies meditation teachers and students. Instead, most institutes and courses offer certification to their students, which can hold considerable value, depending on the institute itself. 

How Do I Meditate for the First Time?

Meditation is an incredible form of exercise that allows you to calm yourself and live a significantly happier life. However, despite looking considerably easy, meditation is anything but. You will have to consider various factors when meditating, as well as certain rules that make the practice much more effective. 

And while the most effective way to learn meditation as a beginner is to invest in a course, here are a few tips to help you get started:

  • Sit or lie down in a comfortable manner; often sitting on a cushion is also very helpful. 
  • Next, close your eyes, or use a sleeping mask to help reduce what you see. 
  • Breathe naturally while ensuring that you do not control the breathing in any way. 
  • And finally, focus on your breathing and the way your body moves when you breathe. Feel various parts of your body as they move in unison. And if you start getting distracted, bring your mind back by focusing on your breathing. 

How Much Do Meditation Teachers Earn

Becoming a meditation instructor is oftentimes hard work. That’s why it’s good to know all that hard work pays off. Mindfulness instructors can earn a substantial living by just focusing on a single craft. Most instructors can make between $1,000 and $2,600 every month. However, it is important to note that this is what most instructors earn when working with major institutes and with considerable experience and training. Newer coaches may receive a lot less due to them not having much experience in the field. 

How Do I Become A Certified Meditation Instructor?

Becoming a certified meditation instructor revolves around you learning about the practice through specific training to become an instructor. Seeing how you will need more than just knowledge about mindfulness meditation to teach students, certain courses out there will teach you everything you need to know. 

You can move onto an advanced course after taking a beginner course. Or you can take a complete and comprehensive course that goes over both beginner and advanced training, preparing you to guide your first class. 

Lucky for you, in this list, you will find beginner, advanced, and comprehensive courses. You can choose from anyone that you find fits you, as all of them are trusted courses that offer proper certification.


Online meditation training, whether to become a meditation instructor or out of curiosity, is an incredible practice that helps your body and mind in various ways. It helps build a bridge between the mind and body, and being able to teach another person how to build that bridge can be an incredible experience. So whether you are looking to make a profession out of mindfulness meditation or just need help to balance out your emotions, then our aforementioned courses are just the thing for you.

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