300 hour yoga teacher trainings online

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Last updated on November 2nd, 2021.

You’ve finished your 200-hour yoga teacher training and perhaps you’re wondering what’s next. Well, there’s no better time than the present to continue your education with (CEU) Yoga Alliance to advance your yoga teaching career. There is so much stress, anxiety and depression in the world these days that people could really benefit from the centering calmness of yoga. And, although you’ve studied and are probably already teaching aspects of yoga, including breathing, poses and meditation, there is so much more to learn.

The next step in a yoga teacher’s career is the 300-hour yoga teacher training, certified by the Yoga Alliance. Once successfully passing the course, you’ll be a 500-RYT, meaning you’ve studying yoga for at least 500 hours. And now that you’ve got the basics out of the way, the 300-hour course will allow you to concentrate on the aspect of yoga that you’d like to focus your own teaching on.

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The 5 Best 300-hour yoga teacher trainings online

The 5 best 300-hour yoga teacher trainings online are:

  1. Brett Larkin Yoga
  2. My Vinyasa Practice
  3. Yoga Farm Ithaca
  4. Drishti Beats
  5. The Kaivalya Yoga Method

You can see there are plenty of paths you can take when teaching yoga. And, you may not know what path you want to take. That’s actually what’s so great about the 300-hour class. You’ll be studying such a varying array of topics pertaining to yoga that there’s sure to be something that catches your eye. Some aspect of yoga that you will want to pass onto your students.

If your goal is to discover the yoga teaching niche that is right for you or if you are looking to expand your yoga teaching knowledge, then you need to find the right 300-hour online yoga teacher training course for you.

There’s no need to jump at the first course you see. There are many courses out there, each with a different focus.

And with more and more yoga teacher training courses moving from in-person to online platforms, it’s becoming much easier for people with full-time teaching jobs to continue their yoga teacher education. With many online yoga teacher training classes, you can work at your own pace and you’ll have a longer time period in which you can complete the course.

To help you on your way to learning advanced yoga techniques and concepts, we have scoured the internet for the best 300-hour yoga teacher training classes. We’ve looked at online classes and in-person classes. These classes focus on a wide range of yoga niches. We looked at one that focuses on ancient yoga philosophies such as chakras and also looked at one that gives its students a strong education in starting and maintaining your yoga business.

We hope the information below is helpful and will aid you in reaching your dreams!

1. Brett Larkin Yoga

Brett Larkin’s 300-hour yoga teacher training will give yoga teachers an even stronger background in yoga than what they received from their 200-hour yoga teacher training. And the 300-hour teacher training is mixed with the tools needed to become a successful entrepreneur in the wellness industry.

After completing the course, you’ll be able to register with Yoga Alliance to become a certified 500-hour yoga teacher. You’ll come away from the program with a variety of skillsets. You’ll gain the:

  • Knowledge to choose a business model for your yoga business
  • Entrepreneurial skills and mindset to charge your clients more, allowing you to make a great living
  • Already-made lesson plans and class organization so that you can begin teaching online and in-person as soon as possible
  • And, lastly, you’ll gain the know-how to meet your lifestyle and revenue goals and will be well on your way to becoming a successful yoga teacher.

At Brett Larkin Yoga’s 300-hour yoga teacher training, the class is broken up into modules:

  • Subtle Body Systems that will discuss chakras, tantric philosophy, meditation, chanting, and the anatomy of the brain, limbic system, digestive system and the internal organs.
  • Money, Mindset, Mantra that will teach confidence, the ability to charge what you’re worth, the creation of income goals with action steps, the transformation of your vision into value, and the ability to teach your know-how online.
  • Body & Branding where you’ll learn anatomy, myofascial release techniques, brand building, biomechanics, safe yoga sequences, injury management, and how to find your niche.
  • Done-for-You Content: which gives you templates for yoga, meditation and self-message classes. You’ll also receive outlines for Sacred Circles for the Full Moon, New Moon, Abundance and Chakra. Lastly, you’ll receive a template for a yoga and affirmation writing workshop. Use these skills to build your own digital and in-person classes.

Brett Larkin Yoga’s classes include online videos, concrete action steps, teaching demonstrations, exercises and a training manual. FYI, the website doesn’t include a price for the class; you’ll have to give them your email for further information.

300 Hour Yoga Teacher Training - Brett Larkin
Uplifted Yoga by Brett Larkin - 300 Hour Yoga Teacher Training

2. My Vinyasa Practice

My Vinyasa Practice’s 300-hour yoga teacher training can be finished in as little as eight weeks. It’s completely online; when students successfully finish the program, they can certify with Yoga Alliance and begin teaching at the 500-hour level.

Teacher training students must choose 270 hours of courses:

  • Yoga Nidra, 40 hours
  • Advanced Sequencing, 20 hours
  • Ayurveda, 40 hours
  • Restorative Yoga, 20 hours
  • Yin Yoga, 20 hours
  • Adaptive Yoga, 40 hours
  • Prenatal Yoga, 20 hours
  • Subtle Bodies, 20 hours
  • Yoga of Recovery, 40 hours
  • Pranayama, 40 hours

For the remaining 30 hours, students will work with a mentor teacher.

The complete course is $930 with payment plan available. Students can enroll at half-price when they pay in full. You will have access to pre-recorded lectures, podcasts, live stream events, webinars and more during the course.

300 Hour Yoga Teacher Training - My Vinyasa Practice
MyVinyasa Practice - 300 Hour Online Yoga Teacher Training

3. Yoga Farm Ithaca

This ‘Spiritual Warrior 300 hour Advanced Yoga Teacher Training’ is based off of Yoga Farm Ithaca’s traditional in-person training and they’ve finally mastered the digital delivery to provide for a completely Online 300-hour Yoga Teacher Training program.

Each of the teacher trainings have varying start dates so be sure to check out for when their next course begins. Again, this  program will be online in its entirety and will be facilitated through live zoom classrooms.  There will also be designated readings and study materials from videos, books and other resources.  Each of these allow for a self-paced study and best of all, community engagement!

300 hour yoga teacher trainings online - Yoga Farm Ithaca - Kundalini yogaIs this the right program for you?  The program is designed for those who have completed any 200 hour yoga training (regardless of your teaching experience) as well as those with 2 or more years of practice and study.

We think they’re a solid brand and program and have been very impressed with how quickly their adapting to the move to online YTT offerings and the quality of their teachings and community!

What is in the program?

Kundalini Yoga, Ayurveda, the Enneagram as well as the study of Feminine & Lunar Cycles will equip you with an essential toolkit for wellbeing, and full access to your understanding the subtle fluctuations of your body, as well as the unique journey that You are on.

Since Kundalini Yoga is the Yoga of Awareness – the Yoga for Householders, it integrates and activates all areas of your life: family, relationships, and life purpose.

If you’ve ever wanted to study Kundalini Yoga and perhaps the classes you took weren’t a precise fit for you, or the teaching methodology was not in alignment with your learning style, this program offers a fresh perspective on this ancient practice.

As a Spiritual Warrior you will shine the light of your love into the darkness of ignorance, and transmute it into knowledge.

As a Spiritual Warrior you will liberate yourself from your fears, doubts, closed mindedness, and limiting beliefs.

300 Hour Yoga Teacher Training - Yoga Farm Ithaca
Yoga Farm Ithaca - 300 Hour Online YTT

4. DRISHTI Beats

Immerse yourself in a 300 hour advanced yoga training that is colorful, witty, clever and filled with the same energy and life Drishti Beats has been bringing to yoga & music festivals around the world in recent years.

Your advanced journey with Drishti Beats is as much about deepening your own practice and individuality as it is about honing your skills to empower and teach others around you. Much of the time is spent on expanding your knowledge of yoga asanas while paying attention to key elements of an advanced yoga practice.

How is program organized?

The curriculum is well organized and carefully designed so each session builds on top of the previous one with the transformative power of storytelling. Everything comes together in a very logical structure and allows you to create your own schedule around the training’s structure. With the exception of the live zoom calls, all the masterclasses, lectures and talks are available to you on demand 24/7. So you can journey through the curriculum in your own space and at the comfort of your own pace.

Communication with students is on-going with the live zoom calls. The calls are extremely interactive and they fluctuate in content.  From discussion points to guided meditation, flows and students teaching. The calls are your connection to the teachers and mentors, to other students, and to ensure you are on the right path to unlocking your advanced teaching skills. In addition, there are plenty of One on One sessions along the way to give you all the support and guidance you need.

The bespoke nature of the Drishti Beats 300 hour advanced training will open you to an opportunity for profound learning and growth with senior teachers at the top of their field in a supportive and caring community. It will allow you to reignite the yoga teacher in you and will encourage you to bring your own creativity and intuitions along with your authentic style.

5. The Kaivalya Yoga Method

The Kaivalya Yoga Methods 300-hour yoga teacher training program costs $597. (check the site for any recent changes to the prices as they may vary over time). The program’s modules include:

  • Art of Adjustments
  • Philosophy and History Theming
  • Meditation, Myths, Mantras
  • Final Teaching Culmination which includes an ethics agreement

What you’ll get when enrolling in the program:

  • In-depth video lectures
  • Interaction with mentors
  • Lifetime training module access
  • Private Facebook group
  • Personalized feedback when submitting tests and videos
  • Lifetime certification through The Kaivalya Yoga Method; you’ll also be able to certify with the Yoga Alliance
300 Hour Yoga Teacher Training - Kaivalya

What does the Yoga Alliance Require for 300 Yoga Teacher Training?

The Yoga Alliance is a standards organization that certifies yoga teachers so that employers and yoga students can rest easy knowing that those yoga teachers meet the qualifications to safely teach yoga. The organization has created requirements that yoga teacher training schools follow.

The hours you spend attending your online yoga teacher training are required to be synchronous (real-time interaction with a teacher trainer or other students) or asynchronous (self-paced on a student’s own time).

And, when an employer or a client sees your Yoga Alliance certification, they’ll know that you have a deep knowledge of all things yoga. They’ll be confident that your yoga education will have followed an impressive list of standards. You will be an in-demand member of the yoga community thanks to the yoga Alliance’s requirements.

So, check out the requirements for Yoga Alliance’s 300-hour yoga teacher training below:

• Techniques, Training and Practice: 50 hours

Much more enhanced teachings about breathing, chanting, mantras, medications, positions and other parts of the yoga practice. This must include analytical training and guided practice.

• Teaching Methodology: 5 hours

This will include learning better communication skills and how to establish boundaries. Also, it will include different teaching styles, marketing and legal aspects of teaching yoga, the learning process of your students.

• Anatomy and Physiology: 15 hours

You’ll study human anatomy and physiology such as systems and organs. But you may also study energy anatomy and physiology such as chakras. The anatomy information will be applied to the benefits/contraindication and healthy movements.

• Yoga Philosophy, Lifestyle and Ethics for Yoga Teachers: 30 hours

You’ll read traditional Hindu texts, just as you did in your yoga 200-hour course, but you’ll take a deeper dive into the philosophies and teachings. You’ll learn more about the yoga lifestyle, including the practices of non-violence and karma. There will also be focus on student relationships and how to be a service to others.

• Practicum: 30 hours

You’ll practice teach, observe other teachers, assist other teachers, receive teaching feedback.

• Remaining hours

Contact Hours for teacher training with the course 300-YTT course trainer present, and Non-Contact Hours, without the course trainer present. These hours could include attending webinars about yoga-related topics, attending group activities, writing ab out yoga-related topics, reading about topics related to the course’s curriculum, listening online to audio or watching video that related to the 300-YTT course. You could also spend your hours attending yoga classes; you’ll have to evaluate each class in writing or orally so that the classes could count towards your yoga education.

How long is a 300-hour course?

Well, this sounds like a straightforward question, but I can tell you, from going through the 200-hour yoga teacher training, that it will take you longer than 300 hours to get through your course. Because, you must take all of your practice time into account.

When you go through teacher training, and I am sure you will remember from your RYT-200 yoga teacher training, your class becomes like a family. You spend your weekends together practicing and adopting the teachers that you learned in teacher training. My fellow classmates and I liked to practice the asanas, breathing techniques and meditation from our teacher training outside when the weather was nice. We would go to a park, spread out our mats and “teach” each other the techniques we learned. We would perfect our teaching styles and practice for that day that we would be leading our own classes. Yes, in teacher training, you generally have a chance to “student teach,” but in my experienced, you will need much more practice than just helping out in teaching a class.

Here are some tips to help you succeed at your yoga teacher training:

  • Have an established yoga practice; make sure you practice regularly
  • Practice your breathing and meditation often
  • Offer to teach your friends and family yoga and meditation; it will be fun, and they may establish their own practice
  • Practice everything you’ve learned with your fellow classmates; try out those advanced yoga poses safely with other members of your class
  • Read and really integrate all of the knowledge you’ve learned in class into your own life
  • Don’t try to coast through-for safety of your students, make sure you pay attention to everything. And if there’s something you don’t understand, by all means, ask questions!

What to expect from a 300-YTT course?

Well, first of all, know that different courses focus on different aspects of yoga. You may find a program that focuses mainly on alignment and adjustments. Or, there are programs where much of the learning centers around Ayurveda. And others, like we’ve talked about above, have a focus on gaining business skills in order to be a successful yoga teacher.

But whichever course you do choose, you’ll be advancing your yogic education greatly. You’ll hone the teaching skills that you acquired in your 200-hour teacher training and gain greater knowledge of the field of yoga.

We’ve compiled a list of some of the topics you’ll focus on in a 300-YTT course:

  • Sequencing of yoga poses
  • Teaching a more focuses style of yoga for pregnancy, mobility issues, an aging population, toddlers and children, and many more
  • Theoretical and practical aspects of teaching
  • Benefits/contraindications of yoga poses, breathing techniques, etc.
  • Modifications to yoga poses, breathing techniques, etc., for pregnancy, people rehabbing from injury, the aged and other specific populations
  • More specific anatomy teachings that you would have received in your 200-hour yoga teacher training
  • An intensive teaching practicum allowing you to get feedback from experienced teachers
  • And, lastly, you’ll take a deeper look into yoga values and the proper techniques in teaching your students

Just know, however, that it will take a lot of hard work and dedication to succeed at a 300-hour yoga teacher training course. But, with the move to online platforms, it will be much easier to get through the class with minimum disruption to your worklife.

(Still wondering is yoga a good career? Check out that article to find out!)

Following your yoga teaching dreams.

The yoga teaching field is so varied. You could focus on ancient yogic teachings in order to give your yoga students insight into the history of yoga.

Or you could instead focus on the adjustment of poses, which will be immensely helpful if you are teaching non-traditional yoga students, such as senior citizens, disabled people, or even children.

Or, you may not be interested in finding a focus or niche when taking a 300-hour yoga teacher training course. You may just want a deeper knowledge of yoga, its history, processes and business practices.

So, we hope we’ve helped by taking a deep look at the 5 best 300-hour yoga teacher trainings out there. Now is the time to pick a niche if that’s something you are interested in doing. Whether you pick a niche or not, you’ll still broaden your knowledge of yoga, which will greatly increase your know-how when teaching your students. You’ll become a better teacher for it, and you’ll make them better students.

If you have dreams of furthering your yoga career, then look over the courses we mentioned and choose the right one for you. You’ve got nothing to lose.

Good luck!

(If you think your 200-hour certification is enough, you’ll want to find out what you can do with a 200-hour yoga certification!) 

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