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Last updated on November 1st, 2021.

You’ve heard the expression before, “You are what you eat.”  That’s not only true from the point of view of the foods we consume but of course also the content we allow into our minds, as well as the self talk we allow to exist.  In this article however, we are specifically focusing on the food that goes into your stomach that feeds the entire body. Finding the best nutritional foods to fuel not only your body, but also your mind is extremely important. (Learn more about brain health nutrition in that article) There are a lot of books out there on dieting and eating healthy but these books in particular have been selected in particular because of their impact on the health of the brain.  In combination these books are great guides to nutrition hacking and creating healthy brain-food eating habits altogether.

How Not to Die

The first book in this themed review is How Not to Die by Michael Gregor.  In this book, Dr. Gregor draws inspiration for his grandmother and the way she cooked along with the ingredients she had used, both of which were influenced by health issues later in her life.  Gregor maneuvers from painting the picture on the importance of nutrition after seeing this take place with his grandmother to discussing many of the prevalent and non-communicable diseases we face today.  Gregor delves into the relationship between diet and disease and then outlines steps that can be taken to avoid commercially processed foods and instead consume only whole foods.

Following Gregor’s book is a deep dive into how not only are the foods important but also how important it is to tailor our diets to our individual body types and unique nutritional needs.

Think and Eat Yourself Smart

In Dr. Caroline Leaf’s latest book titled Think and Eat Yourself Smart, Leaf pulls together scientific from years of research and supplies the reader with an understanding of just how important it is to tailor a diet to the individual.  Dr. Leaf highlights the connectedness of the relationship between thinking and eating and just how important it is to make smart choices with our food because of the overall impact it has on our brain, digestive and overall healthy. Dr. Leaf outlines the necessity in creating a right way of thinking about our nutrition and how we can make adjustments in our thinking, routine and food choices that will ensure we are walking the right path to nutritional health.  This book will teach you more than just why nutrition labels are important.

Both books above also discuss the importance of maneuvering away from processed foods. This is especially important as more and more is uncovered on the impacts hormones have on our overall health.  The next author digs into this even further, especially as it relates to diabetes and highlights one of the most influential chemicals in our systems that is critical for maintaining healthy weight and overall health: insulin.

The Obesity Code

In The Obesity Code by Dr. Jason Fung, Dr. Fung explains just how important insulin the overall chemistry and condition of the body.  Dr Fung’s book explains why other weight loss solutions have failed in the past and highlights the importance of proper nutrition, emphasizing how weight loss isn’t about a caloric imbalance within the body but instead is hormonal and the key to cracking the health code is insulin itself.  This book may sound like it’s only tailored towards weight loss but the insights provided can be applied to all of our nutritional habits and health journeys.

Each of these books provides building blocks that lead to a tower of the latest science and practices on nutritional habits that lead to a healthy body and brain.  In combination, these books provide the necessary nutrition hacks to ensure you’re on the right path towards overall health.

(If nutrition is a passion of yours, you might consider getting a nutrition certification online!)

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